Norm's On-Stage Credits

When it comes to Stage, “It isn’t how much you put out… It’s how much you're willing to let people in”…says Norm.  “I’ve always worked to get inside the character I’m asked to play so I can better take the audience in there with me.  Beyond what makes the character tick, I want to know what’s in his gut and his heart.  I want to know what motivates his thoughts, words and his actions, his insanity or his pleasure!”
Stage - Norm Woodel's On -Stage Credits
Agent: Stewart Talent - Chicago/New York
CH: 312-943-3131  NY: 212-201-3590
Direct: 773-665-8940 Stewart Talent F**king Men Festen I am going to change the world the unexpected guest the fantasticks the elephant man cat on a hot tin roof barefoot in the park the guys someone who'll watch over me home the Weir Summer & Smoke the rivalsthe best man

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